Capitalism is not anarchism

Your ideology kills itself.


Libertarian Star Wars


Libertarian Star Wars

A state is a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.

Max Weber, in Politics as Vocation.

Note: Capitalism entails capitalist control of property by means of violence. The capitalist, or owner, of any given private property claims the monopoly legitimate use of physical force over/within the territory/property he controls. In other words, capitalists are NOT anarchists.

There was nobody out in the street suffering with no medicine.

Ron paul, in the CNN presidential debate, talking about being a doctor in the 1960s. (via anticapitalist)

And by nobody he means no rich white Christians

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Libertarianism is the denial of reality


When people support Paul because he wants to shut down all U.S. military bases abroad and bring the troops home, they ignore why he has this motivation. Unlike activists on the left who have been campaigning for decades to end U.S. imperialism, Paul is a staunch isolationist—he still wants American hegemonic dominance in the world, he just doesn’t want to waste precious U.S. resources to act as world police.

All one needs to do is look where he wants to put the returning troops to see where his priorities lie; the military in Ron Paul’s America would be used to create a border with Mexico that makes the Korean DMZ look like Disney World.

While there is no doubt that we have far too many military bases and personnel in too many countries, the answer should be withdrawals accompanied with disbanding, rather than withdrawals only to re-station our military along our southern border.

As for Paul wanting to end the war on drugs and legalize just about every kind of drug; while this might be the first step in beginning to treat a societal and public health issue for what it is, rather than criminalizing the people who need help the most, it is important to remember that Paul also wants to get rid of any and all public funding for health care.

While some may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for not saying that we should let the uninsured die in the street (it was a fanatical Tea Partier who shouted “Yeah!” when Paul tried to respond “No” during that debate), his policy speaks volumes more than an answer he gave to sound like more of an nice guy than he actually is.

Read the whole article here, it’s interesting.

Though it does mistakenly say that Rand Paul is named after Ayn Rand.


I believe homosexuality is moral perversion and deserves no special consideration under the law.
I believe the South was right in the War Between the States, and I am not a racist.
The Muslim religion has been a bloody, murderous religion since its inception.

Ron Paul’s close friend, Chuck Baldwin.

Ron Paul even endorsed Chuck Baldwin for president in 2008.

Big surprise: Ron Paul openly supports homophobes and racists. It didn’t ‘end’ with this newsletters, folks.

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Ron Paul 2012! Because racism is collectivism!
Martin Luther King Jr. (via anticapitalist)

Ron Paul: I Wouldn’t Have Sent Troops to Fight Nazis and Save Jews
If you heard a certain behavior of yours caused a deadly disease, wouldn’t you immediately cease and desist? Well, gays in San Francisco do not obey the dictates of good sense.

Ron Paul, on page 5 in the January 1994 edition of his newsletter. (via shitthatronpaulsays)

Fuck Ron paul