Capitalism is not anarchism
I believe homosexuality is moral perversion and deserves no special consideration under the law.
I believe the South was right in the War Between the States, and I am not a racist.
The Muslim religion has been a bloody, murderous religion since its inception.

Ron Paul’s close friend, Chuck Baldwin.

Ron Paul even endorsed Chuck Baldwin for president in 2008.

Big surprise: Ron Paul openly supports homophobes and racists. It didn’t ‘end’ with this newsletters, folks.

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coeus replied to your post: RON PAUL CAN’T BE RACIST BECAUSE HE’S LIBERTARIAN!!!!11!!!!1!

If I started a blog in your name, say “anticapitalist.wordpress” and I used your name or some such shit, and I published racist material on there, does that make you a racist or me?

If I started the page, hired you as my writer, and pretended to not read my own page for 10+ years, and made 1 million dollars off of it.

and I was also on friendly terms with the racist John Birch Society, and frequently spoke at their meetings and in favor of them.

AND I was sponsored by neo-nazis and stormfront.

And I also said the death penalty and drug war are the last 2 remnants of racism in our society, without understanding how racism pervades almost every other part of society. (scroll to exhibit B of this source. This source is a pro-ron paul page too)

and if I supported an economic system that preserves class and race privilege (capitalism).

Then you could call me racist.

^ re: Ron Paul’s newsletters.