Capitalism is not anarchism
Go and listen to a true anarchist.

Baseballlibertarian, whilst talking about Stefan Molyneux.

I’m dying.

A state is a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.

Max Weber, in Politics as Vocation.

Note: Capitalism entails capitalist control of property by means of violence. The capitalist, or owner, of any given private property claims the monopoly legitimate use of physical force over/within the territory/property he controls. In other words, capitalists are NOT anarchists.

Anarchy is NOT what you think!




Anarchy =/= violence

Anarchy =/= chaos

Anarchy =/= “leftist” agenda


Anarchy = voluntary interaction, no coercion

Anarchy = peace and harmony

Anarchy = no rulers (*not* to be confused w/no authority. I would yield to the authority of a car mechanic to fix my car, for example)


Please know that if someone is saying that “anarchists” are plotting with Democrats and/or Unions that those being called “anarchists” are not real anarchists and the person doing the talking is only using the lie that people think anarchy is. With this OWS thing picking up steam, mainstream folks are trying to associate negative things within OWS as being done by anarchists. This is not the case.

For more on real anarchy, look into Molyneux, Rothbard, Mises, the non-aggression principle…

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What the fuck even is this. 

Anarchy is all about peace and harmony man.

> Molyneux

> Rothbard


>implying capitalists are anarchists

>implying Molyneux, Rothbard, and Mises aren’t assholes

OP doesn’t know shit about anarchism.

Capitalism is not anarchism.